Integrated Co-Design of an Exascale Earth Mantle Modeling Framework


Highly scalable multigrid Stokes solver for buoyancy driven non-isothermal Stokes simulation.
Recent activities of the Terra Neo research group.


  • S. Bauer gave a talk on A New Matrix-free Approach for Large-scale Geodynamic Simulations and its Performance at the IHPCES 2018 at ICCS 2018, Wuxi, China, June 11 - 13, 2018.
    The associated paper is published as part of Computational Science - ICCS 2018, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 10861, pp. 17-30, Springer.


  • Terra-Neo project meeting with participants from FAU, LMU and TUM in Munich; 6 - 8 Dec 2017.
  • M. Mohr gave a talk on Terra-Neo: Mantle Convection Modelling and the road to Exa-Scale at the SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences 2017, Erlangen, Germany, Sep. 11 - 14, 2017.
  • Markus Huber has won the FoMICS prize for PhD students at the PASC17 conference for his contribution Fast and scalable multigrid solver employing agglomeration techniques.
  • Terra-Neo project status and re-design meeting with developers from FAU, LMU and TUM in Erlangen; 26 July 2017.
  • Minisymposium announcement: Exascale Solver For Application-Driven Science: Multigrid and Domain Decomposition, PASC17, Lugano, Switzerland, June 26-28, 2017 (organizers: M. Huber, C. Engwer, U. Rüde, B. Wohlmuth).
  • Workshop announcement: International Workshop on Parallel Numerics, PARNUM 2017, Waischenfeld, Germany, Apr. 19-21, 2017 (organizers: D. Bartuschat, U. Rüde, M. Vajteršic).




  • C. Waluga gave a talk on Physics-aware solver concepts for geophysical applications on massively parallel architectures at the workshop Numerical Methods on High-Performance Computers in Heidelberg, Germany; Dec. 2014
  • The article Towards Textbook Efficiency for Parallel Multigrid, was accepted for publication in Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications (special issue of the Weizmann Workshop 2013), 2014.
  • Our manuscript Performance and Scalability of Hierarchical Hybrid Multigrid Solvers for Stokes Systems is accepted for publication in the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 2014.
  • Terra-Neo coding days in Erlangen; Oct. 29-31, 2014.
  • Terra-Neo team meeting in Munich; July 17, 2014.
  • Christian Waluga gave a talk on Designing Discretization Concepts for Terra-Neo at the ExaStencils Workshop, Technical University of Dresden, Mar. 31-Apr. 01, 2014
  • Developers from FAU, LMU and TUM came together for the first TerraNeo coding days in Munich; Feb. 10-12, 2014.
  • Minisymposium announcement: Towards Exascale Geophysical Flow Computations, 2014 SIAM Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA, July 7-11, 2014 (organizers: O. Ghattas, B. Gmeiner, C. Waluga; abstract).
  • A visualization of a buoyancy driven non-isothermal flow simulation obtained with our TERRA-NEO prototype appeared as the October sheet of the 2014 DFG Math Calendar. Happy New Year; Jan. 2014.
  • Minisymposium announcement: Toward Multilevel Solvers for Exascale, SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing and Scientific Computing, Portland, Oregon, USA, Feb. 18 - 21, 2014 (organizers: M. Bolten, B. Gmeiner).


  • H.-P. Bunge. published a SIAM News article on the Paleo-structure of the Earth's Mantle: Derivation from Fluid Dynamic Inverse Theory, December 2013.
  • Björn Gmeiner gave a presentation on Performance and Scalability of Hierarchical Hybrid Multigrid Solvers for Stokes Systems at the workshop New Algorithms for Exascale Computing at the University of Cologne, Germany; Dec. 5, 2013
  • Project workshop on Efficient Stokes Solvers and Inversion of Mantle Convection Models in Munich, Germany; Oct. 18-19, 2013
  • U. Rüde attended the Exa-Scale Mathematics workshop in Washington DC, USA, Aug. 21 - 22, 2013.
  • Our prototype implementation of TERRA-NEO is listed in the High-Q-Club, the list of highest scaling codes on the Jülich Blue Gene/Q (JUQUEEN); Aug. 2013
  • Tobin Isaac, (University of Texas, Austin, USA) visited the University Erlangen-Nuremberg to give a talk about Advanced simulation of polar ice sheets: meshing, parallel adaptivity, high-order discretization, robust scalable solvers, and inversion for basal boundary conditions; Jun. 25, 2013
  • Project workshop on New Methods and Models in Mantle Convection in Pommersfelden, Germany; May 16-18, 2013
  • Minisymposium announcement: Large scale computing with applications, MAFELAP 2013, Brunel University, Jun 10 - 14, 2013 (organizer: U. Rüde).
  • Ben Bergen (Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, USA) visited the University Erlangen-Nuremberg to give a talk about Performance Tools for Modern Computing Architectures, Apr. 28, 2013.
  • Kickoff meeting in Herrsching, Germany; Jan. 2-4, 2013.


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